CUT_ aux querelles des terrains esthétiques is a concert-installation, a performative piece exploring questions of aesthetic difference and commonality between visual and auditory experiences. I expand my longtime engagement with politics of representation and strategies of making visible through a restaging of Adorno’s reflections on relations between the arts. During the performance visitors become part of a multifaceted visual, spatial, acoustic and textual experiment. Dismantled museum vitrines, viola and glass tones, texts and sounds, everyday voices and operatic soprano, notation and improvisation shape the confrontations and interactions of diverse aesthetic terrains. A one-off event. 

For me „HEIMAT“ is the space of an emerging, still unsteady Evidenz, which enters into a relationship with the space of the made, the production modes. By Evidenz I mean a German term from contemporary theory of the image for which there is no exact equivalent in English: the moment in which two temporalities and two forms encounter each other: the time of the process in which the chaotic beginnings are still visible and that of the end-point which no longer bears testimony to the chaotic, formless character of the process and the intimation of the object’s final form.

The space preceding signification is the space of the aesthetic. (Translation: Vanja Sisek)


Katharina Karrenberg